Telecommunication and cable protection Double wall flexible cable protection pipes

KSWR PE-HD - Corrugated double wall, outside corrugated, inside smooth

Corrugated double wall pipes are suitable for the protection of electrical, control and telecommunications cabling, and utility lines underground.

- according to the standard EN 61386, type 450N
- corrugated PE-HD layer outside, smooth PE-HD inner surface
- resistant to impact up to minus 25°C
- coils of 50 m length with pull line (in case of 200 mm diameter coils of 25 m length)
- available in coils or bars with double sleeve on one side
- double sleeve, rubber ring and end cap can be ordered separately in dimensions DN40 – DN200

Beneficial properties:

- easy installation and handling due to their lightweight
- can easily be cut to size, no special equipment is needed at the installation site
- coiled pipes are highly flexible
- high impact and crack resistance