Telecommunication and cable protection Microducts

FTTX – SpeedPol Microducts

Microducts are pipes with very small diameters, by means of which cable networks can be ideally installed by pulling or blowing the optical cables into the ducts. Among the extremely beneficial properties of the microducts are their small diameters of 4 to 20 mm, their flexibility and very good tensile strength. All these properties allow the blow-in of cables on long distances. The use of bundled microducts allows the layout of optical cable networks that can be expanded easily, where the individual ducts can be branched off to the desired place if necessary. Due to their low construction costs, the installation of microduct networks is getting more preferable compared to traditional cable protection pipe networks.

Product assortment 

The SpeedPol microducts manufactured by our company are made with different wall thicknesses adjusted to the various methods of use. The thinwalled microducts can be pulled or blown into empty or cable containing HDPE pipes. The thickwalled microducts can either be directly laid into the ground by ploughing them in, or cut into the asphalt pavement.

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