NEWS & INFO New special truck for big coils

In December 2022, we put a special winding machine into operation, which is used for winding large-diameter (Ø140 - Ø180 mm) pipes.

In March 2023 two new trailers - separately suitable for the transport of large-diameter coils - were put into operation. The trailers were specially designed for this purpose and manufactured for us in Poland by a company specializing in the production of trailers.

The deep cradle trailer can accommodate 9 large (3600 mm) diameter coils, or 3 cable drums.

The length of the coils can be 100m, so up to 900m of large-diameter pipe (Ø180 mm) can be transported at the same time with the trailer. The significant advantage of transporting in the coil over transporting fibers is that much less extends are required, thus reducing the number of defects resulting from the solutions and reducing welding costs.

The height of the trailer from the ground is only 28 cm.

Market acquisition is ongoing, we are happy that the first coils have already gone to Germany.